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We are always looking for people interested in joining our Realm Adventure.  Click below, Visitors Pages, Visitors are always welcome.

Send Info To:

How Can You Join?
Send us following information:
Read and agree to our NightWatch Guidelines
(found to far right of this page)
Yes, No,  I read and agree
Your Realm Name
Your Alternate Chars
Your Last Guild Association, if any
Name Of Your NightWatch Sponsor
Why You Would Like To Join NW
Where u like to hang out on Realm
Your Realm interests
Your eMail address
Your fav url
AFTER doing the above, please go to...
once there: please set up an account with Ezboard and post there after reading "Prospective Members, read, post response, incl. sponsor name."
   This is where we communicate and it lets us get to know each others thoughts and ideas about NightWatch Guild.  We want u to know U R WELCOME!!!

Send Info To:


Who Can Join?

   We invite anyone interested in the Realm, and Guilds, and friends to come visit us on Chan. 8.  You cannot be a member of another guild and join NightWatch.  If you join we expect you to have enough time to play the game.  Also we expect you to conduct yourself with honor while you are representing us. 

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization. Our members are close friends and we have a great time when we get together. Of course we also have a common interest, and we hope to make the Realm a better place.

Read This Before Seeking Membership:
Some Membership Guidlines:

2*NightWatch is an honorable guild and those who attempt to scam other players are immediately removed. We do not kill steal (join jumping). We are powerful enough that we can help others without worrying who gets the loot. When confronted by a player that clearly does not have the same morals or discipline, we are powerful enough to shrug it off and continue on our way.

3*Anyone wishing to join cannot be a member of any other guild. Allegiance to one guild must be the pre-requisite.

4*Begging, scamming, chronic vulgarities, and other public displays of bad character, are considered conduct unbecoming. This may result in disciplinary actions.

5*Actions committed by a guild member that reflect negativly on the honor and the name of the guild will be punished and/or banishment from guild may result.

6*All members are expected to show proper conduct on channel.

7*When fighting in Tourney Grove with other guild members spells like incinerate, rust, forget, and fear will not be tolerated. In TG you are there to have fun. Please be considerate. Outside of Tourney Grove this rule does not apply. Each is on his own.

8*Abide by the Chain of Command at all times. If you have a serious question, or concern please address it to a council member or the Chief Elder.

9*All members are expected to read the message boards daily and to keep up with changes in the website.

10*All players wishing to apply for a rank in position must be a member of NightWatch for a minimum of two weeks. After two weeks council members will vote on any applicant.

11*Have Fun :) (copied from NW Archives, authors: PW, Xara) (but with some minute editing done, for clarification purposes only, by your Majr.) (numbers added for same purpose)

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