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NightWatch2004 Who We Are
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NightWatch is an honorable guild and those who try to scam other players are immediately removed.  We do not kill steal (join jumping).  We are powerful enough that we can help others without worrying who gets the kill or the loot.  We do not promote begging, scamming, spamming, chronic vulgarities, and other public displays of bad character. When confronted by a player that clearly does not have the same morals or discipline, we are powerful enough to shrug it off and continue on our way.

WinterWolf, Naztar3, Majrhazard, all 3 former leaders of NIGHTWATCH, invite you to help us make the REALM a better place.

Our Historical Quote:
It is compassion, not fear, that brings harmony to most people. It is harmony, working toward shared goals, that preceeds greatness.

NightWatch Members:
NightWatch members are expected to respect the people in the guild, and in our allied guilds, as well as the people that play the games we are in. As a mature group of players, we are not disruptive to those around us. Not only do we respect the traditions we have established, We respect the freedom this guild allows it's members. We do not tell individuals what they must do or where the must go, but we invite them to join us wherever we are headed.


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NightWatch has a long tradition as a Helping Guild.

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Guild Officers:
Officers of NightWatch are here for your assistance. If you have a problem or concern, you may approach any officer. If he or she can not solve it, they WILL find someone who can. No problem is to small or unimportant to seek advice about and you will never be turned away.


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